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Rosie & Wolfie

Wolfie (left), Rosie (right)



Rosie and Wolfie are 17 year old minis available for sale. They are both excellent kids' ponies and have been loved by one family for the past 5 years, used to introduce toddlers to grooming, leading, and handling their own ponies. They have both been sat on and led around bareback but wouldn't be considered fully broke. Wolfie is broke to drive.


They are super safe to handle, don't require any experience and are the perfect teachers for horse handling and horsemanship. They would make excellent family pets or fantastic additions to a therapy or school program.

They are super easy keepers but would prefer a dry pen (no grass) as Wolfie has early signs of cushings which is managed with a Prascend tablet. Rosie requires no special care or maintenance. They do not need to sell together, although there may be special consideration to a home that could take them both.

Located in Uxbridge, ON at Durham Valley Equine [EAST]

Asking $500.00 each

Contact Joanna at EquiSTRONG for more information or to set up a viewing appointment.


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