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Mystical Glitter


Mystical Glitter, aka Maya, is a 2019, 16hh, unraced, TB mare by Frac Daddy. Maya is a fantastic hunter prospect with 3 lovely gaits and an extremely quiet demeanour. Maya rides the same every day regardless of feed and turnout with a very consistent and adult amateur friendly disposition. At only 3 years old, Maya has a friendly, stoic personality and loves to work and please, making her an ideal partner to grow with. She was lightly started by race trainers but it was quickly decided that racing was not for her. She has a slow, casual approach to her gaits, with no fire or tenacity to run, and was quickly transitioned so she is soft, pliable, and ultimately has had minimal exposure to race life, making her an easy switch to English training.

Maya is clean legged, sound, sane, and vice free with no special care or maintenance at this time. She gets along easily with other mares, is good for vet and farrier, and is generally easy to work with. She ships, ties, bathes, and does anything you ask her. She is truly a remarkable prospect that will turn heads in the show ring. If you're looking for a quality project to develop your way, this mare will not disappoint!

Located in Uxbridge, ON.


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