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Silver Lining


Silver Lining (Wasabi) is a 2004, 16.1hh, warmblood gelding by Asher available for sale or lease. Wasabi has well over a decade of experience in all 3 rings up to 3ft, predominantly being a hunter. He is as simple as they come, smooth, rideable gaits, auto change, finds the jump & the strides in the line with little to no rider input, and is generally safe and easy. Currently, Wasabi is leased as a cross rail horse and is doing an excellent job finding the jumps and being a reliable partner in the show pen. Wasabi always gives his best jump, no matter how small the jumps are, creating a unique experience for learning, while remaining a safe, steady partner.

Chances are, Wasabi knows 10x more than his rider, and at this point in his life, he loves being in a position to help riders through their weaknesses and unsure moments- trainers: no need to get involved, he knows what he's doing. As he moves on in age, his personality and smoothness would easily transition him into walk trot "up-down" or leadline lessons, but Wasabi still has a few seasons left in him to show riders the ropes of showing.

Wasabi would prefer to stay at 2ft and under at this stage and we maintain him with our basic joint maintenance program and shoeing. He is sound, healthy, and vice free. He deserves to slow down from his 2'6 and over career and as such, he'll have lots of life left in him for a few generations yet!

Located in Uxbridge, ON.

Contact Joanna Niles at EquiSTRONG for more information or to set up a trial appointment.


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