Brokerage Services

Buying and selling horses can be a difficult, time consuming, and emotional task. Save time and money with EquiSTRONG. Joanna Niles's vast network of connections from all over North America can help simplify your journey into the horse market. Reliable service backed by years of experience can give clients peace of mind that their sale will be well managed in a timely manner and their purchases are approved by industry professionals that work in your best interest.

Commision Sale

EquiSTRONG offers agency services to include sale pictures & videos, marketing via website, social media, the EquiSTRONG network, inquiry handling, appointment scheduling and handling, negotiating, contract drafting, and payment handling. Horse must be boarded at Durham Valley Equine or one of our partner facilities.

10% (and up) commission with a $75.00 minimum plus HST

EquiSTRONG Advertising Services

Includes marketing via EquiSTRONG website, social media pages and the EquiSTRONG Network, general consulting, social media refresh 1x/month. Horse must be boarded at Durham Valley Equine or one of our partner facilities.


Ad remains active until sold.

$50.00 plus HST

Private Listing

Includes a private ad for the EquiSTRONG network connecting interested parties only and general consulting.


Suitable for owners not wanting to publicly list their horses for sale.

$25.00 plus HST

Looking to Purchase or Lease

The EquiSTRONG sales and leasing section is a great place to start, however, EquiSTRONG also may have private listings available. Please contact Joanna for our complete sales list with a detailed description of what your looking for and your goals. If we do not currently have your perfect match, we'd be happy to help you locate suitable options in your area. Please visit our Sales/Leasing page for more information.

Inquire for pricing details.

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